28 March, 2008

Caem Event October 11th

During last Sales Meeting I told you Caem will be giving a Special Event to celebrate the 50th anniversary, but I could not give you any detail as we were still thinking how and where to organize it.
Finally I can confirm you the that the date will be October 11th and the location Arezzo.
It will be a special occasion in which Caem will invite all its Members and their families to spend a day together and enjoy our huge company party.
You are the
first invited and You absolutely can't miss it!
Do contact me for any further information!



Andrea Magrini said...

No comment so far. I PRESUME NONE OF US IS INTERESTED IN THE CAEM 5OTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY AND GRAND OPENING that will be held in Subbiano on October the 11th?
Would like to underline that a Blog is a great thing becuase is boots multi-directional communication. Leaving me alone creating posts and making comments, doesn't really build the needed interaction.

manfri said...

sorry i was out of office ..... i'm interested and all my sales staff will be glad to join the event.
I' ve also spoken with some of our best customers and they will be coming as well.

Rae said...

We are looking forward to it.
More info. required please

We need to invite people soon.
Are we having official invitations?

We would like as many of our staff to go as possible and be involved in this very important milestone in the company.

Are we inviting customers?
Suppliers exhibiting associated products and helping in costs?

Do we have a budget in numbers and/or money?

Kevin said...

Please book me in for the big event.
Remember I have a big family!!!

Steve said...


I will be there, with bells on

Gary Walsh said...

my wife and i are looking forward to attending. just have to work out the logistics for all that travel for a one day party....