26 March, 2008

Working at Caem can be Glocal! Alessandro Lomonico move to Oz

Alessandro Lomonico, 25, works at Caem Italy since 3 years. He studied up to the age of 19 at the local technical mechanical school, the same Nedo did at his age. He heard about a working oportunity in Caem Australia, asked for details and now ACCEPTED: he will move to Australia in May08 to permanently work there!
He understood how global Caem is, he understood the menthality you need to build on yourself to achieve success in todays' world... and he's now going to seriously broaden his oportunities.
Phil offered him a job in the warehouse, and, as Caem Australia is growing fast, new jobs will be offered to Alessandro in the near future.
Because Alessandro is leaving the known for the unknown, Caem Italy has guaranteed that, if he wishes to come back in the next 3 years, he will have his job back: this comfort has helped him taking the decision.
Hope this success story will open oportunies for more of our staff worldwide!

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