28 March, 2008

Slat Panel, Stronger!

slat panels, sometimes especially for pitch > = 120cm, they may tend to bend. this sample consists of a bacth of 5 slats welded together. the idea is that we would supply two items= 5 slats together or 1 slat. this would allow to fit any upright height, in a quicker and stronger manner.
option 1 will be shown in a newsletter next week: slats may still be supplied independently but a vertical strengthner can be installed on site.


Rae said...

I like this idea. We have had some issues with 120cm slats and different hooks and even the way they are installed.

5 slats - does this equal 40cm in height? Why both options?

How is it possible to install a strengthner on site after the slats are in position on a wall bay? or on double sided gondola?

Look forward to the newsletter and can we have some samples when they are ready please.

Steve said...

I agree with Rae, samples would be good.

Muhammad Idrees said...

It is good idea. I like it.