23 September, 2015

B50 B25 Integrated Racking

B50 and B25
the racking system that integrates with gondola shelving
(...and is retail-environment friendly)
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m25 system
The 'B' Systems Concept
Implement a Racking System that is retail-environment friendly that integrates seamlessly with Gondola Shelving, this was our mission. Accomplished: our 'B' racking has no notches in the front of the upright delivering a sleek design and it integrates with S50, our 50mm gondola shelving, and with M25, our 25mm gondola shelving also featuring central back panels.
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B50 and B25 Key Factors
  • integrates with S50
  • integrates with M25
  • integrates with Central Back panels too
  • no holes in the front of the upright: finally a rack has a nice design, for feminine oriented stores
  • infinite combination ways, wall, gondola, beams, shelves...
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    Custom Solutions
    Bespoke Displays, 'A' frames, even Mezzanines.
    The 'B' systems structure is fully modular and opens up oportunity for your tailored solution for the retail environment. Please do not hesitate contacting us for your own bespoke solution
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    Case History
    B50 Rolled out into Uk retail stores.
    Thanks for its endless configuration options, B50 is being chosen by more and more Uk retailers. Rack and beam profiles seamless integrates with Gondola-Rack profiles for the most advanced and complete retail shopfitting solution.
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    CAEM UK R&D Lab
    We at Caem Uk aim to deliver the proper solution for your shopfitting requirements. With more than 60,000 SKU propertary designs and couting, we are here to listen to your needs and tailor the right solution, for you.


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