22 July, 2015

Fwd: PharmaCaem: The Pharmacy Shopfitting Solution

the complete
solution to the
shopfitting demands
Gold Checkouts
PharmaCaem Concept
Caem introduces PharmaCaem, the implementation of metal modular shelving systems that matches design and efficient merchandising, modularity and attractivity, competitiveness and completemess of rang:
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PharmaCaem Key Factors
  • compatible with TN9 System
  • introduces TWO new shelving pitches (70cm and 80cm)
  • same structure to fit the OTC area and the Dispensary Area
  • complete modulariy and interchangibility
  • more than 20 finishes available
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    M25 WIRE
    New Products

    Podium, SLIM40, SLIM25 and much more.

    Podium is the base platform, metal and modular, designed to deliver aesthetic of straight lines SLIM40 is the Single Piece Gondola End Unit with a sleek appearance and quickest installation time SLIM25 are the reduced height brackets making the overall appearance 'lighter'.
    Case History

    Pharmacy Dispensary fitted with Medidrawers.

    Our fully modular pullout shelves, called Medidrawer, deliver a perfect, modular, adjustable, competitive solution for hospitals dispensaries. Thanks to CAEM you can reduce the floorspace needed for medicine stock to increase OTC merchandising lines and enjoy higher sales return.
    See the functionality in a video Medidrawer →
    See our space analysis between OTC and Dispensary →
    CaemRx and CWCS
    For the most complete informations please visit 'CAEM-RX' brochure →

    Caem Will Call System →

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    PharmaCaem brochure →



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    Md Shohidul Islam Robin said...
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    Md Shohidul Islam Robin said...

    I'm really pleased to see your wonderful collection of Shelving Racks

    mero ahmed said...