07 August, 2013

Fwd: Ultimate news about Caem Tuscan Days invitation - 7 and 8 September 2013

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News about Food Shelving

T25 System is the CAEM shelving system to enlarge the actual offer for food. It is available in US and European sizes and includes extra low bases and 4Post applications for extra strength. During the event in September some innovations will be presented: wire mesh back panel, multi-bars and a strong head gondola with no base


News about Non Food Shelving

The range of CAEM accessories is extremely wide and they're all modular and compatible so that the retailer can improve the configuration at any later stage for increased sales. Gates and guidance systems 100% made in Italy with automatic and mechanical barriers are among them. These products get the top of the market thanks to a full range of optional and a very good design.


News about Pharmacy Shelving

Studied directly with the main actors of the market for pharmacies and drugstore, our new Bulk Display is perfect for items with a minimalist packaging. 2 position, glass front riser and dividers emphasize the items, such as the new "Slim 25", the inclined shelves with transparent acrylic accessories for permit to maintain the products always visible and ordered. 


About the Event

CAEM is proud to invite you at Tuscan Days 2013! We will offer a free hotel accommodation near Subbiano, in the heart of Tuscany, from 6th to 8th September. On Saturday you will attend the presentation of our new products and the Gala Dinner at CAEM's headquarter. On Sunday you will participate to a typical Grape Festival in Subbiano, an occasion for tasting typical local products and to discover the history and popular traditions of the town. We believe that CAEM Tuscan Days will be a wonderful opportunity to present you our company, the ultimate products and enjoy together the Tuscan territory!

grape festival

The Territory

Rich in environmental and artistic heritage, Subbiano still preserves the beauty of Tuscan countryside's typical medieval villages with its rows of vines, olive trees and cypresses. Its history is closely linked with that of the Arno on whose left bank the town developed. There are still today, remains of numerous water mills built along the banks of the river. From the south can be seen the tower of the old castle which looks out over the river. Another castle rises above the inhabited area of Castelnuovo (New Castle) di Subbiano, placed in strategic position at the entrance of the ample Casentino Valley, about 10 kilometers away from Arezzo. It is considered the most important and meaningful testimony of a fortified installation in the area. From Subbiano you can start a wonderful trip to the Casentino Valley and Arezzo, the town made famous by Piero della Francesca, Petrarca and Vasari.

castello poppi

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