24 November, 2009

Pharmadrawer - Pull Out Shelf - Prescription - Pharmacy - Hospital - Laboratories - Fitting - Shopfitting

Pharmadrawer is the Pull Out Shelf for the Prescription Area of Pharmacies and

for the Drug Warehouses within Hospitals and Laboratories.

• Position IN: the Pharmadrawer is locked in

• Position OUT: the Pharmadrawer is locked out

• To undo a locked position, pull the full length underneath handle with one hand in any point

• We suggest to apply pressure to locate Pharmadrawer back in IN position in the middle of length

• The adjustable bungee will smooth the slide out of Pharmadrawer when unlocked

• Can be installed horizontal or inclined

• Extra space saving is guaranteed by the use of metal dividers (no acrylic has been used to save space and allow extra stocking capabilities)


• Depth

o In full stocking configuration 9 drawers of 20 inches are recommended

o In stock below – counter top – extra top stock configuration 4 drawers of 20 inches and 3 drawers of 12 inches are recommended

o Dividers are available full Depth

• Pitch Length

o Available in pitches of 18, 26, 39, 48, 52 inches.

o Also 3 foot and 4 foot is available (min batches apply)

o Dividers are available of 1,88, 3.78, 7.48 inches

• Height

o Max box height 2.55 inches

Weight loading capacity

• The drawers hold 25kg (55 pounds) of evenly distributed load.

• Our TN9 System holds comfortably 9 drawers of which 1 in OUT position.

• Please check with us specific configuration where shelves and extra stocks are required at the top.


• The metal structure will remain efficient if used within the specified limits

• The finish is hard and anti scratch, it is suitable for a very long durability in a pharmaceutical environment

• Slides are high quality ones

• Slides tested and certified for 50.000 slides cycles at 15kg (33pounds) of weight on the drawer.

• The bungee (when used) is adjustable widening the distance between the hooks. Do adjust it when looser.


• Clean appropriately with non toxic and non attacking agents for the hygiene of the environment

• Check during installation that bolts are tight

• Check every 3 years if bolts are tight

Design Options and Installation

• Pharmadrawer hangs easily in the CAEM shelving system

• CAEM makes available a full range of solutions, running units, corners, finishes and accessories that allow you to create partitions, laboratory tops, working tops and more. Thanks to this your new Pull Out Shelf is now wholly integrated with the furniture, leaving safe modularity and flexibility to cover any of your future requirements

• You can design a Pharmacy or a Laboratory wholly using CAEM Fitting systems, including

• Pharmadrawer is available with notches to hang on other shelving systems: min batches apply

• Pharmadrawer: all is compatible and anything can be done (from partitioning to worktops)

• Installing the CAEM shelving is easy as it’s all modular

• Installing Pharmadrawer is even easier: open the pack, hang it on the shelving.

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