24 July, 2009

FLYER PHARMACY Farmacie Farmacia

CAEM shelve designers very well understands that pharmacy design and shelves must blend functionality with flexibility. And only for that reason, we use unique combination of metals that provide ample storage and work space that can enhance your floor needs.
Pharmadrawer StrengthCAEM Pharmadrawer provides pharmacy with floor supported counters of customized length and width. Pharmadrawer and counters can easily support for customer flow and packaging equipment!
Pharmadrawer CapacityAll Pharmacy storage always needs continue to work out, because bar codes and other technologies place a prime on ergonomics, capacity and accuracy. CAEM offers a wide lay out for shelving and storage to enhance your pharmacy efficiency.
The Pharmadrawer movement is smooth and safe thanks to high quality slides and the front in acrylic is fully safe and helps finding the right product.
Pharmadrawer FlexibilityCAEM always ready to adapt any type of customisation from client side eg-from simple repositioning of Pharmacy shelves to complete redesigning. CAEM designer aim is any cabinet, shelf or drawer can be easily and quickly moved.
Making use of top quality shelving display is a simple and smart way to draw customers into your store.

The CAEM Applications for Hospitals. Worktops, Laboratories, Dispensaries, Pull Out Shelves, Warehouses - all can be made compatible with one system!
CAEM Shelving is best suitable for dry storage areas, and perfect for sterilized hospital environments where tidiness and immunity from dust gathering is essential.
Hospital Shelves can be designed into a variety of configurations as per free space requirement for patients, doctors and other people.
CAEM designers ensures not only perfect utilization of minimum space but also systematic arrangement of all medicinal products like-medicines, injections, cotton, saline solutions, etc.
We have shelves for all-From large hospitals to smaller once.
So if you are in need of storage equipment to gain capacity, efficiency, relocation or considering future expansion or you just need to tidy up your operation with the above in mind ,please contact us. We will provide you the best solution for quality as well as beauty shelving system.

L’esperienza CAEM nel settore delle Farmacie e Parafarmacie è forte di un potente sistema di arredamento negozi. CAEM può arredare l’area a libero servizio anche con gondole su ruote, banchi e piani di lavoro, stanze private per consultazione e aree ricette efficaci e flessibili grazie a innovativi cassetti compatibili.
CAEM experience in the Pharmacy fitting is strong of powerful shopfitting system, capable of satisfying all needs. At CAEM you can fit the self service area with wheeled gondolas, work tops and counters, privacy consultancy rooms and flexible prescription area with drawers with a uniquely compatible system.
La experiencia CAEM en el sector de las farmacias y parafarmacias es fuerte por un potente sistema de equipamiento de tiendas. CAEM puede equipar la zona de libre servicio también con góndolas con ruedas, mostradores y estantes de apoyo, oficinas privadas para la consulta y zonas de recetas eficaces y flexibles gracias a innovadores cajones compatibles.

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