29 July, 2009

FLYER FASHION - Abbigliamento - Boutique

Boutique - Leather - Gifts
CAEM speciality is "expertise in outstanding combination of modularity with design" to fit the most prestigious fashion, accessories and shoes stores.
Modularity become design: CAEM takes the most out of the high sales of the modular shelving and out of the careful designing process to offer many solutions for clothing, shoes and similar shops.
Get the most out of the space you have by using CAEM shelves. Display shelving is ideal for showing off Boutique products, Leather goods Gifts, pictures and collectibles. Storage shelves help keep your display shop organized and clutter-free.
Glass and timber display, the most modern metallic paints, islands without light stopping back panels, CAEM is the best choice for any kind of outlet!
The careful product engineering, the remarkable manufacturing capacity and our technical competence make this line very effective.
The wide range of materials and finishes make our system specially suited to new fashion trends requirements.
So if you are in need of storage equipment to gain capacity, efficiency, relocation or considering future expansion or you just need to tidy up your operation with the above in mind, please contact us. We will provide you the best solution for beauty and quality shelving system.

Grazie all’unica combinazione di modularità e design, i sistemi di arredo CAEM per l’abbigliamento sono incredibilmente personalizzabili e attraenti. I vari sistemi utilizzabili ed integrabili garantiscono un amplio ventaglio di soluzioni possibili nella progettazione di ambienti moderni attraenti e funzionali.
Thanks to the unique integration of modularità and design, the CAEM shopfitting systems for clothing are very customizable and attractive. The very many systems guarantees many fitting options whilst designing modern and functional retail environment for this requiring market sector.
Gracias a la combinación única de modularidad y design, los sistemas de equipamiento CAEM para la ropa, son increíblemente personalizables y atrayentes. Los varios sistemas utilizables e integrables garantizan una amplia gama de soluciones posibles en la proyección de ambientes modernos, atractivos y funcionales.

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