19 March, 2008

Welcome to our Company Blog!

During last Global Sales Meeting Andy told us we are more than just colleagues working for the same company, we are members of the CAEM Community.
As collegues refer to traditional websites, where the company is the only information provider, Community Members share a Blog, a virtual common place where information flows in every direction.

Starting from now you are a Caem Blog Author, you can write your own contents, add your own photos and videos, express your opinion about everything you will read here.
Interacting with this blog is easy and fast, but I'm at your disposal to help you to get familiar with it. Do contact me for any further information.

I'm sure this blog will help our Group to share more, know more, act better!

So let's start commenting this post!


Andrea Magrini said...

Look forward sseing plenty of posts in the Caem blog! I'm going to have many sleepless nights soon so i will keep commenting...
wishing you good sales, i will start throwing in a couple of Posts

claudio said...

Wow, my very first comment on the CAEM comunity.
I strongly believe it's a great tool and way to exchange ideas and information.
I will keep you posted with my activities in Middle East and I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Easter.

Rae said...

Excellent news, we have a blog to share many things, quickly and easily.

Knowledge is power and we all have some to share.

Another step to world domination for CAEM.

In the UK, after the holidays I am doing some site visits with a supplier to offer our clients additional products to deepen the tie-in to CAEM and increase our services to them. I will post photos and info. on our findings.

Happy Easter to all