20 March, 2008

Quotations: by unit or by facing?

In improving MyShop, we're giving much importance to the logic of quotations. Forget about Gondolas... our customers are interested in CORRIDORS! especially the big users, customers tend to work with "profile books". Today, we build our books of wall units and gondolas. The problem is from site to site, the combination changes between what's in side A and what's in side B of the gondolas: we must rethink our quotation philosophy.

In a book of 200 facings, 150 may be gondola facings. This may generate thousands of combiantions of gondola elevations!

  1. build a book of facings
  2. quote facings with quantities of facings
  3. add just before the bottom line "uprights": those will be counted seeing the layout... nevermind the differenct combinaons of facings among the gondolas

1 comment:

Rae said...

This will be a welcome addition to the new MyShop and is the only direction to go.

In the UK we still have many manual methods for breaking plans down to components lists because of this issue and we all want to use the benfits of MyShop to minimise human errors.