14 March, 2013

Case Study | CAEM INDIA


14 images iNDIA SHOP design march–april 2013

FIXTURES case stu dy with Abid Vakil


What were the shopfitting opportunities at

Mahindra & Mahindra showrooms ?

The objective was to enhance the car accessories’

section in all the showrooms After studying the retail

market for car accessories and at dealerships, we found

several opportunity areas where sales could be driven

from the dealerships. CAEM discussed the opportunity

with us on the scope for improvement by a formal walkthrough

the display, imparting greater and better

visibility to the accessories section, and enabling

greater ease of selection.

It was suggested that taking the ‘touch and feel’

approach would greatly enhance the shopping

experience much like at supermarkets, and also

offering an organised presentation of the products

with proper signage,POPs and price listing.

How did CAEM take up the challenge?

Having zeroed on the display solution, CAEM began

designing the suggested fixtures keeping in mind the

merchandise, display and the customer satisfaction

desired, and Mahindra’s strong positioning in the

marketplace. CAEM also had to work within the budget

allocated, and provide ‘value for money’ options.

What solutions were implemented?

Based on the options available and having an

understanding of our customer profile, the

shopfitter company devised a solution which

Mahindra & Mahindra would approve of from

the point of view of the objective at hand, the

aesthetics, the budget, etc. The entire solution

was based on their study of the scenario

along with our Accessories Sales team.

They standardised the accessories display

area at our showrooms pan India; enhanced

the branding; and improved customer and

salesmen interaction. They also saved costs by

optimising use of the materials and resources

Mahindra & Mahindra

Shopfitter: CAEM India Shelving

At the end of the project, our dealers could improve their conversion levels

and correct customer perception of the accessories section at car showrooms

-Spokesperson, Mahindra & Mahindra

available to them, such as the number of

fixtures, etc, so as to ensure that in the

ultimate analysis, the objective was achieved,

and that we got our ‘value for money’.

Finally, to test the results, we installed this

solution at one of the dealership. This exercise

was repeated at a couple more dealerships to

rule out any ‘one of’ occurrence for results.

What was the outcome?

At the end of the project, M&Mdealers could

improve their car accessories business and

conversion levels; correct customer concerns

on pricing; and change their perception of the

accessories section at car showrooms.

The final result was a very positive feedback

from our customers in terms of acceptability,

appeal, usage, and most important, the

increase in revenue generated with the same

merchandise, location and space. Based on

this, we are in the process of adopting this

display solution at most of our dealerships

across the country.

Having bought a car at a showroom, why does a

customer hesitate to pick up car accessories as well?

Sale of accessories is a vertical within the dealership

itself as is sales of cars, spares and service. But a

customer buying a car of any brand generally tends

to buy accessories like seat covers, matting, music

systems, etc, from the open market or from the ‘grey

market’. We presented this business problem to the

shopfitter and asked them for a display solution. The

objective was, understandably, to increase revenue

by sales of vehicle accessories. To achieve this,

the showrooms had to attract a larger number of

customers and get them interested in buying

our car accessories.

By Seema Gupta


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