30 September, 2012

Caem for Hospitals

<<Corniche Hospital AbuDhabi (5).jpg>> CA <<Corniche Hospital AbuDhabi
(6).jpg>> EM <<Corniche Hospital AbuDhabi (8).jpg>> h <<Corniche
Hospital AbuDhabi (11).jpg>> as <<Corniche Hospital AbuDhabi (12).jpg>>
d <<Corniche Hospital AbuDhabi (1).jpg>> ev <<Corniche Hospital AbuDhabi
(2).jpg>> eloped a range of products to supply drug storage and pharmacy
inside hospitals. This is a good example. The hospital is in the middle
east but could be in most places around the globe, products used in this
- TN9 system as a structure
- Medidrawer as storage drawers
- TN9 gondola as a counter - desk
- Metal Drawer on the base shelf, for extra storage or lower rotation
We may never achieve the volume of sales of retail in the Hospital
business, but some good opportunities could arise.

Le foto si riferiscono ad un ospedale, settore per il quale Caem ha
sviluppato negli anni vari prodotti. In questo caso:
- TN9 per le strutture
- Medidrawer pe le cassettiere aperte
- Gondola TN9 per il bancone - scrivania
- Cassetto Metallico su piano di base, per extra immagazzinamento dei
prodotti a minore rotazione.

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