22 December, 2009

Euroshop 2011 - The Global Retailer Trade Fair - Dusseldorf Germany

Euroshop 2011 will be from 26 Feb to 2 March. Euroshop is the biggest trade show for shopfitting and retail industry fixtures. The global retail trade fair will occupy 200.000 sq mt, with 1800 exhibitors from 50 countries and 100.000 visitors from 90 countries. 60% of both exhibitors and visitors are from outside Germany.
The rate of satisfied visitors is 96%, the rate of satisfied exhibitor is 92%.
Visitors are: retailers food and non food, consumer industry products, wholesaler, craft, restoration and hotellier, architects, retail designers, graphics and visual merchandising, visual marketing specialists, marketing directors.
Euroshop will guest more events and shows: EuroConcept, EuroSales, EuroCIS and EuroExpo, each one having to do with different aspect of the shop concept and retail business.
CAEM Shelving Systems and Shopfitting www.caem.net shall be present in EuroConcept @Duesseldorf's Euroshop 2011, in the shopfitting section of hall 14 15 or 16. The presence will be confirmed by September 2010.
Euroshop is also present in USA with Globalshop, in Moscow and in Shanghai with yearly smaller events.
If you're planning a visit to Germany Dusseldorf, please apply with CAEM for a company visit, taking the advantage of daily flights from Dusseldorf to Florence FLR Bologna BLQ Pisa PSA or Rome FCO or CIA. CAEM arranges regular trainings and showrooms visit in its brand new headquarter of 150.000 sq ft surface. Visiting CAEM Magrini means being capable of viewing the extensive products range for all retail environments, developing the process for a shop concept design and enjoying the Tuscan Italy atmosphere.

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Will look forward to attending this expo. Bound to be a lot of inspirational and innovative shopfitting solutions on display!

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