12 August, 2009

CAEM Australia new Building

Please find new CAEM Australia New Building design (Yangebup, WA).
The new premises will allow CAEM Australia to install a powder coating facility, designed internally to the CAEM Group.
CAEM Australia services will dramatically improve, thanks to the higher efficiency of un-finished stock items made in Italy to be coated on colours demand of the customer.
The building will be ready before Mid 2010.

We believe CAEM Australia is doing and incredible further move into uniqueness of supply in the Australian market.
The only quality in Australia for industrialized shopfitting system.
The only modular shelving system.
The only based on Shelving Engineering.
The only with service centre in East and West Coast.
The only one with internal Powder Coating to enanche further tailoring of the configurations.
The only one with internal manufacturing finish process to be quality and competitive.

come and see us. http://www.caem.com.au/


Location is Lot 801, Cutting Way, Triangle Park, Yangebup, WA.
This is near to Fremantle, Perth, WA.

CAEM Australia is also present in Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales, Queensland.

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