12 March, 2009

A CAEM website in EACH Country makes our Google Listing Higher



This is a campaign "A CAEM website in EACH Country". If you're responsible for certain areas, please make sure actions are taken asap.


Today's Scenario:

  1. www.caem.net sits in Italy
  2. if you look for "shelving" in Thailand, the search engines will first look through the websites that sits in Thailand’ servers
  3. so www.caem.net (despite being full of the word "shelving") will come after many others

GLOCAL = we have friends in many countries and we want to implement specific strategies in each country. 


Future's Scenario:

  1. The CAEM GROUP has web presence in every country 
  2. a lot more visits to our website(s) are achieved
  3. many more leads are made and more sales action starts


Agreement with between the local partner and CAEM:

  1. the local partner buys a domain preferably with "CAEM" in it (caem.xx, caemshelving.xx, retailshelving, shopfitting...)
  2. the local partner pays the fee to keep the website in a local server
  3. the passwords are given to CAEM Italy (ICT=Leonardo+Francesco)
  4. CAEM will fill the pages with contents.
  5. the search engines will take some weeks before finding them.
  6. fill-in-form and emails from the website are addressed to Italy. They will promptly appear as Leads in the CRM.
  7. the whole content remains ownership of CAEM (logo, images, text etc)
  8. the local partner has the right to stop keeping the website at any time
  9. CAEM has the right to cancel its contents from such domain at any time

Countries : Uk, India, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Usa, Canada. More countries welcomed.


Rae for Uk (www.caem.co.uk), Mukul for India (www.caemindia.com), Phil for Australia (www.caem.com.au), please liaise with Leonardo to start this asap.


Others, please act for the countries you're involved in, reporting to Andy your actions.

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