14 May, 2008


Steve said...
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Steve said...

Hi Gary

I have a company coming into our factory next month, who want Myshop loaded on all 9 of their sales reps laptops.
The price is in old Euro's so we tell them it means nothing.
They will complete the layout and then email the order over to us to check for the first few.
I will let you know who it goes.


Andrea Magrini said...

Some infos about myshop.

if you look at the screen with prices there is not the euro sign, the euro is just the picture in the icon!

myshop does not think in euros, it considers price just "a figure".
this means that you can have your customers buying at those price, at a certain (to be computed) discount, in your local currency.


italy sells to caemuk, oz, marcel, in EURO. (1 upright 1000euros)
so the importer (example UK), have a discount on such public prices: let's say 40%.

so uk will pay it... 600 euros.

but uk works in pounds so 600euros are now 450pounds

uk will ad transport into it, let's imagine import tax, all added cost to have the good the its warehouse, if costs are 10% on top, the landed cost is 495pounds

now, the importer wants to make money on it, let's say that as a policy uk wants to make 25% gross margin on this product for a certain customer. so the price it should be sold is 495 / (1-0,25) = 660

now, the easiest bit. you can say to your customer that on the price shown by myshop, for goods at the importer's warehouse they have (1000-660)/1000 = 34% discount.


to make it PERFECT you need a slight little help from us. when you print out the quotation, the "printing software" will make a page showing the EURO sign. we can amend that, it is VERY easy for us to change it. (actually, you can even do it yourself!)

what i write about is how the software works. to assess what discount you can give to your local customer, you have to go to this computing process with the responsible of the import. i would say for UK it will be rae's task, for Oz Phil's and so on...

Andrea Magrini said...

forgot the very last line. the "importer" so Rae/Phils/... shall do the computation and work on the integration with the invoicing software.