16 May, 2008


Work was well under way in the first Caem Londis store in Scotland today and due to open on Tuesday to the public.
The store is on the East coast in a small village called Kirkcolm.
This is part of the Musgrave group which shelving is up for tender at the moment, they currently use Radford due to the 25mm pitch, IMZ25 is also in for the tender.


Andrea Magrini said...

so, how are you finding combating 25mm pitch? this is a VERY important point mainly for Mauro and Stefano...

Gary Walsh said...

Hi Steve, what is the cabinet / fin in the first picture? is it CAEM or custom made? How are you finding the (Not used yet in Australia) gondola top covers? i like the branding on the sides.

Steve said...

On the pitch aspect we are pushing the price differance and the min differance that the 15mm allows for stock along with lead times.
The main problem is the merchandiser dept's are insisting on 25mm pitch for no other reason than it's in vogue.
They are all Ral 9006 which gives Arneg a major problem direct to store so fingers crossed.

Steve said...

Hi Garry

That is a chill unit by a company called Coolfast used to trade as Pastorfrigor in the UK.