10 April, 2008


Caem has secured the order for the Roadchef refurbishment program for 2008 for 20 motorway service stations.

The 1st order was received today


Andrea Magrini said...

whate shelving configurtions do they use? what colours?

Steve said...

It is our standard Ivory in colour with a standard list of profiles which I will email to you.
3rd order now in.

Kevin said...

Please see the email below from Raodchef for his first orders.
CAEM are the best!!!

From: Dave Bowen [mailto:dave.bowen@roadchef.com]
Sent: 18 April 2008 14:34
To: Sarah-Lou Richards
Subject: RE: order number: 23/75398/02 (Esso Forecourt, kent)


Can you just make sure they get an installation guide please.

Thank you for your swift responses and quick delivery times. Is a great service


Dave Bowen